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Briggs & Stratton 12kW  - 40229/40302  EM12

Shipped from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia

12kW with Empower Power management upgrade features

  • Designed to run on propane or natural gas
  • Overload Protection helps to prevent generator shutdown due to unchecked power demand.
  • Smaller Footprint for a low profile & location flexibility
  • Premium commercial-quality Vanguard V-twin engine for long lasting, reliable operation
  • Quieter Operation-a smaller generator means less noise
  • Economical Fuel Consumption
  • Smart Home Compatible- safe for today’s advanced electronics

System Includes:

  • 12,000 watt generator
  • synthetic oil
  • Battery
  • Battery trickle charger
  • Polymer installation pad
  • Run time meter
  • Remote system status panel
  • Sound shields

Optional Cold Weather Accessories Available:

  • Battery Warmer
  • Oil Warmer
  • Winter Weather Kit includes both options


  • 12,000 watt system that provides enough power to run most items in your home, for minimal disruption to everyday activities. For ‘hard start’ items, the unit also provides up to 15,000 Watts (LP) and 13,750 Watts (NG) to keep things running smoothly.

Industrial 627cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ V-Twin Overhead Valve Engine

  • Commercial quality engine specifically designed for long-life operation on NG (natural gas) or LP (liquid propane).

Natural gas or liquid propane

  • Readily available, clean and environmentally friendly fuels are perfect for providing uninterrupted power.

Quiet operation

  • Sound-absorbing panels and an automotive muffler keep sound to neighborhood-friendly levels.

Seven-day exerciser

  • Runs generator for 20 minutes once every seven days (day and time determined by homeowner) to keep unit in top operating condition.

Fully protected/Service convenience

  • Heavy-gauge metal exterior with lockable access doors, no exposed fasteners, and corrosion-resistant powder-coat painted sheet metal. 4 panels conveniently remove in all directions for ease of service.

Built-in Diagnostic Center with remote status and diagnostic panel

  • Alerts you to any possible problems with the generator.

Installation & service support

  • Supported by 3,000 generator service dealers and over 30,000 engine dealers worldwide, this system comes expertly installed to your home’s electrical system, and is backed by the most extensive and capable sales & service network in the business.

3 year/1,500 hour limited warranty


Industrial 627cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ V-Twin OHV Engine OHV Commercial quality engine delivers increased engine life, improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise.


Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Powered

Provides long-lasting uninterrupted power


Extra Quiet Operation

Automotive-type muffler and sound absorbing panels keep noise to low levels (70 dB at 7 meters)


Service Convenience

Four panels easily remove for access in all directions


Brushless Alternator

Provides clean and efficient power


Run-Time Meter

Helps to maintain regular maintenance intervals


Battery Charger

Keeps battery automatically charged at all times to ensure starting


Built-in Diagnostic Center

Alerts you to any possible problems with the generator


7 Day Exerciser

Runs generator for 20 minutes once every 7 days to keep system in top operating condition


Polymer Installation Pad

Eliminates the need for a poured concrete slab




Rated Watts

12,000 Watts (LP), 11,000 Watts (NG)


Surge Watts

15,000 Watts (LP), 13,750 Watts (NG)



120/240V AC, single phase, 1.0 pf






Industrial 627cc OHV Briggs & Stratton


Engine Type

Vanguard™ V-Twin Overhead Valve


Starting Method



Fuel Consumption

Specified in installation manual




Rated Watts                                              12,000 Watts (LP), 11,000 Watts (NG)

Surge Watts                                               15,000 Watts (LP), 13,750 Watts (NG)

Voltage                                                      120/240V AC, single phase, 1.0 pf

Amps                                                         100/50

Engine                                                       Industrial 627cc OHV Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ V-Twin

Engine Type                                               Overhead Valve

Starting Method                                         Automatic

Fuel Consumption                                       Specified in installation manual

  • Diagnostic Control Center Alerts Low battery voltage

  • Low oil pressure

  • Low voltage

  • Engine fail to start

  • Low frequency

  • Engine overspeed

  • Oil temperature high

Auto/Off/Manual Switch                              Yes

Overcrank Protection                                  Yes

Engine Warm-Up/Cool-Down                         10 seconds/1 minute

Dimensions                                                40" L x 22" W x 23" H

Weight                                                     379 Lbs.

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