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What technology gets you through a blackout?

Standby Generators in Canada

Backup generators can be ready to run automatically on demand.  Automatic Standby Generators provide peace of mind and business continuity when the power goes out.  Run intermittently standby output power rating is higher than that of a Prime power generator because the generator can be run "harder" for periods of time rather than continuously at their prime rating.  See Rating Definitions.

It is not a question of whether you will experience blackout in your area, but when. Investment into the power grid infrastructure within Canada has fallen behind.  Until recently you may have felt confident that the power will be there when we need it, and it usually is.  However, our electrical system has proven itself to be fallible. Whether due to a downed power line down the street, a major storm storm, or a vulnerability in the electrical supply system such as we experienced in Ontario in the summer of 2003, it is likely that you will experience some kind of power outage in the future. 

Economical  commercial and residential backup generators for emergency power can be configured with standby generator transfer switches to start automatically.

Cost effective Industrial and commercial standby packages can configured with sound attenuated backup generators enclosures.  Our backup generators are powered by diesel, propane LPG and natural gas fuel are sized from 7kW to 650kW

A permanent hook-up to Natural Gas or Liquid Propane LPG can provide a safe, virtually continuous fuel supply eliminating fuel storage concerns.  Also inconvenient and sometimes less safe connection required with portable generators during a storm are avoided.  We can configure critical applications fueled by Natural Gas with an automatic, virtually instantaneous switch to propane for those instances where building code requires this or a wide ranging power failure also affects the natural gas supply.

Beware of Unapproved Generators

We have downloaded Ontario's  Electrical Safety Authority's safety alert 07-05-AL  for you.

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