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There are several fuels available with which to power your diesel generator.  We are not fuel specialists, however, we have assembled and compiled information to allow you to help you make your own decision with regard to fueling your generator with other than No.2 diesel fuel.

In summary, because of the wildly differing home fuel formulations as well as sources of oil and process to manufacture and condition biodiesel, the decision will end up being your own.

Diesel fuel quality specifications in Canada are the responsibility of the Middle Distillates Committee of the Canadian General Standards Board.  Link to: for more information.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a service for your general information to enable you to ask the pertinent questions of your fuel distributor.  We at Enviroharvest Inc. are not fuel experts familiar with various fuel types and compositions.  We recommend that you discuss your plans with your local Home Heating Oil / Fuel Oil distributor.  You must make your decisions based solely upon information given to you by them. We recommend using ONLY standard or agricultural grade or off-road Diesel #2 within your generator set.  We assume NO responsibility or liability resulting from any decision you might make to use any fuel other than grade Diesel #2 within your diesel generator.