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It is frequently more convenient and cost effective to power a backup generator with gaseous fuel such as Natural Gas or Propane.  Gaseous fuels burn cleanly, start easily and fuel is abundantly available through your gas main or from a propane tank already on site.  Gasoline and gaseous fueled generators cost about half as much or less than as diesel generators but require more maintenance and usually do not have the same durability.

Gaseous fuels provide you with potentially unlimited back up power run time during extended utility power failures.

Every fuel has advantages......


Advantages of Gaseous Fuels for Generators

  • Clean burning. It leaves no lead, varnish, or carbon deposits that cause the premature wearing of pistons, rings, valves, and spark plugs. The engine stays clean, free of carbon and sludge. This means less maintenance and an extended engine life.

  • Properly maintained, gaseous-fuelled engines produce less air pollution than gasoline or diesel engines, according to studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Gaseous fuel does not have the dangers (such as fumes and spills) associated with gasoline or diesel fuel.

  • As a internal combustion fuel  fuel, gaseous fuels do not require the additives that are usually blended into some grades of gasoline.

  • Unlike liquid petroleum fuels, most of the gaseous fuel used in Canada and the United States comes from North American sources.

  • By a four-to-one margin, the safest way to provide heat is with gas. That's what the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) concluded in its study, U.S. Home Heating Fire Patterns and Trends.

  • gaseous fuel is non-toxic, so it's not harmful to soil and water.

  • gaseous fuel has an enviable safety record due in large part to the stringent codes and regulations developed by the government and industry.

Advantages of Propane Fuel for Generators

  • Long shelf life

  • Easily stored in both large tanks or smaller cylinders

  • Obtainable during power outages

  • Home delivery available for large tanks

  • With propane's simple molecular composition, propane-fuelled vehicles emit significantly lower levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides than gasoline-fuelled vehicles.  The level of toxic air emissions from propane-fuelled vehicles is also low.

Advantages of Natural Gas Fuel for Generators

  • Unlimited fuel source, no refilling required Natural gas can be piped directly to the generator, eliminating the need for periodic refueling during the outage.

  • Usually available during power outages.

  • Natural gas engines had 53% lower oxides of nitrogen (NO), 85% lower total particulate matter (TPM), and 89% lower carbon monoxide (CO) than diesel.

Advantages of Diesel for Generators

  • Frequently the most cost effective choice of fuel due to its low price relative to the BTU value (energy content) purchased.

  • Diesel fuel is very dense relative to its BTU value and does not require heavy tanks to transport, which frequently makes diesel the fuel of choice when carried to difficult to reach location.

  • Can be manufactured from renewable resources (biodiesel)

  • If properly stored and conditioned, diesel can be stored for many years.

  • Diesel performance is better in terms of engine output you can expect about 30% power more output and 45% more fuel economy from diesel compared to gasoline or gaseous fuel.

  • Because of lower per kilowatt fuel consumption diesel engines generally release less carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour produced.

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