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Large Solutions

We feature many lines of larger diesel generators.  Our generators feature engines manufactured by leading names  such as  Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Deutz, Volvo, Lombardini, New Holland Agricultural, Shanghai diesel and others for units sized from 10 to 1500kW.  All generators come with protection devices. There are two basic differences between our generator lines and those of other manufacturers.  There are generators rated for PRIME power and ones rated for BACKUP power.  The generators we have listed under Prime Power are all capable of operating as backup generators!Within these classifications are sound attenuated  generators which produces between 70 and 72 decibels and standard diesel generators producing between 75 and 87 decibels of noise.All  diesel generators sized from 10 kW to 1500kW are available either standard or sound attenuated configurations.Select Prime or Backup generator from the left margin on this page and follow the links to review specifications and features of the unit appropriate to your needs and budget.We build and represent generators manufactured in North America, the Far East and Europe.Only the engines within these generators are manufactured by the names mentioned.  The generator assembly is our own.  The genset is not branded with the name of any engine manufacturer.