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Custom Fabrication    

Custom Generators

We build custom generators for applications as diverse as mining and forestry industries, off grid power for lodges and camps, fishing boats and barges  We can configure your generator with weather enclosures and fully sound attenuated generators with hospital grade mufflers.   Long run options and even automatic oil change options for prime power generators are available.

You can configure your generator with any of a variety of  engines from major manufacturers such as Cummins, Perkins, John Deere, Daewoo, Yanmar and others sized from 6 kilowatts to as large as you need your generator configure.Tier 2 and Tier 3 Engines

The new engines have exceptionally low noise signatures making them the ideal choice for power generation in any environment. A high compression ratio also ensures clean rapid starting in all conditions. EPA Tier 2  and 3 rated design features ensure maximum cleanliness in terms of emissions throughout the engine's operating life.


Sensitive Electronics and Data Centers: 


Voltage can be managed to 1% tolerance as can the Hz (cycles) through the speed of the generator through the deployment of an electronic governor. 


Heavy Start up Loads (inflood current):  Heavy Weather Protective Enclosures with full access doors.


Permanent Magnet (PMG) exciters are available for reliable, responsive and stable input power to the voltage regulator.  The PMG provides full exciter power, regardless of alternator voltage, for motor starting.

Lubrication System:

Long run options such as larger oil sumps, automatic oil top up and on-the-fly oil change systems are available.

Cooling System:  

  • Thermostatically-controlled system with belt driven circulating pump and pusher fan

  • Mounted radiator piping and guards

Weather Protective Enclosures:  

Our weather protective enclosures close off the intake air supply with a power louver when the generator is shut down.  This prevents snow and cold drafts from cooling down the generator when not in use.  This also keeps trailered generators from taking in salt and road debris as the generator is moved to a new site.   Our enclosures come with a light inside and have large openings to make access and maintenance easier.

Trailer Mounted GeneratorsTrailer mounted and sound attenuated generators.

We can trailerize most generators and build your generator with the hitch and breaking system of your choice.  Specify your requirement and even small details such as the the hitch can be built to the height required.

Steel decked trailers with stability supports are standard.


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